Sunday, January 27, 2013

My language is at risk for going Extinct.

Today,  I was simply surfing the net when I came across a website that was headlined, 

Google Wants to Protect 3,000 Endangered Languages.  I was amazed to find out that my language was in the list of "at risk" languages. It's sad.  In efforts to bring awareness to the matter, I turned to Social media. I shared to various groups I'm in. So far I have gained only one reponse, stating it was true and the foundation, the families, weren't teaching young children.  It is a sad truth, which isn't addressed enough among families. This is an issue that I hope to help in my own way. I plan on teaching my daughter the language through books, pictures, and summers spent on my reservation to learn about my culture. I hope I can help in my own way, while I can.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Airborne Ranger Infantry- Kristy Lee Cook

Great Video

This video is very touching.

Growing up as a kid, I was no stranger to Bob Hope videos, stories of the Austrailian outback to meetin the Supremes and Diana Ross. My father would never speak of his experiences in Vietnam, just the happy ones. The time he hated crackers and peanut butter. But having a limited selection of sea rations, he ended up liking them. To this day, my father reminsces of his friends and expreiences. I knew there were more memories when he saw the familiar names on Vietnam Memorial. Every memorial, my dad and I would visit my great uncle I never had a chance to meet. He never made it home. I think that's why this video means something to me. 

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Just a thought

So I'm close to becoming a civilian from finishing my enlistment with the Army. I was on facebook earlier and saw a pic and a question on what I thought about the quote.
The quote was, "Military Spouse, the hardest job in the military." Toughest job in the miltary? I think not. First of all it's not a job. They're also not in the military. I never understood the fuss. I thought being Dual Military was tough. I just can't stand the quote.

Friday, November 16, 2012

A little homesick

Last year's Parade. My friend Katie and her son.
Good Morning! This morning I was awaken with coffee and breakfast. You have to love a man that brings you breakfast in bed. I'm excited for tonight. I'm going to drag my husband to the showing of Breaking Dawn Part 2. The last movie in the Twilight Series. I was hooked to the series since the first movie. By the time I knew there was a book series, the movie was already out. The weekend plans will our into the weekend. While we wake up at the buttcrack of dawn, to see the Christmas Parade in Raliegh. I went there last year with my best pal, Katie. Where she almost ended the life of a celebrity with her baby's stroller. HAHA! Fortunately, there are no Traffic Laws for strollers. Well this year, I will have the company of my Husband and enjoy the parade. This will also be the oppurtune time to test my new camera lens! As you see a picture I took of my dog below. They are very great! 

Shadow, my 11 month old Sheltie.
They grow up so fast!

Onward to me feeling, homesick. Recently, I have found pictures of home on Pinterest. Which just sends me down Memory lane. I miss the Flea Markets on Fridays and Saturdays.  I miss the food. You haven't lived until you try Fry Bread and Steamed Corn Stew. So bad for you, but sooo good. I also miss my mom's cooking. After being away from home for years, you realize you can't recreate and find her recipes. I miss the beautiful sunsets and sunrises. They're like Paintings in the Sky. The air is so clear that you don't need a high end camera to capture the beauty. 

You can't find the jewelry or the price anywhere else. Only you can see the beauty of corals, turqouise and sterling silver. The bond between Natives are Universal. I have met many here on the East Coast. Some while in the army, some veterans that I met while out. Being this far way from the reservation, you need the company of natives to share stories or jokes of the rez that no one else would understand. Like stories of growing up with grandparents, the navajo version of the boogeyman(skinwalkers), or scary ghost stories and ceremonies.
The thing about being in the army, is that you have to say goodbye to friends. People are constantly moving to new duty stations or getting out and moving away. Sometimes it can be a small world and you see them else where. But you always make new friends. 

Coming from an area where the Native population is greater than any other ethnicity, I was in a culture shock. I never felt like I was the only one in a 100 mile radius! Maybe i wasn't, but that's how I felt. Now after four years of being away, I have come more comfortable living a thousand miles away from home. 

Now I have wonderful little family. A husband, a dog and a cat. I know it's not you're traditional family. But, it's mine. They keep me happy and pets are just like children. My home turns into a Race Track from time to time. Usually, the Cat and Dog. One day they will be friends. Hopefully. 

Source: via Courtney on Pinterest

The Capitol of the Navajo Nation, Window Rock, AZ.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Time for Dine Bizaad: Dííjį́

Time for Dine Bizaad: Dííjį́: Dííjį́ níłch’ih naalkidí nésh’į́.  Yiską̨̨̨́́ągo Step Practice shee holǫ́.  K’ad ashosh, nahałtin.


Today is Wear your Moccasins Day! 

Pretty glum weather outside the window. It's raining all day. Don't want to ruin my new moccasins in the rain. But I'm sure that didn't stop my ancestors.  Thanksgiving is coming near, about two weeks. In this modern day and age, it's hard to celebrate thanksgiving without knowing the gruesome history behind it. Many may not know this, but thanksgiving was out in place to celebrate unfortunate loss of innocent natives by the new settlers and US presidents. The video below will help explain the history. Be ready to grab a tissue or two, it's pretty sad.

Many natives celebrate Harvest Day. I'm not a religious person but a spiritual person. On the day of Turkey Day, I will say my silent prayers. Having celebrated Thanksgiving my whole life, I never realized the history behind it. There was a feast of thanks among the piligrims and the natives. But that was once. 

On a lighter NOTE!

This is me at a Native American Heritage Month Event at Fort Bragg, NC. I had nowhere to put my keys. haha! There's no matching purses for this outfit. Well not in my possesion. I will get my pendelton dream purse one day! Pendelton is a Navajo Girl's Prada!!! Gotta love our Style!!!

Source: via Virginia on Pinterest

This picture below is my Reservation! One of the Largest in the United States!!!!

I hope you have gain much knowledge from my post. Remember Not all Natives live in TIPIS or hunt Buffalo! Nor all wear War Bonnets! Also we don't all wear feathers in our hair. We dont sit around and smoke Peace Pipes all day! I suggest you rent the documentary,"REEL INJUN". Injun is racial slur, so dont use it lightly.


Wednesday, October 24, 2012


since the last time i was on my blog...

i got a dog, shetland energetic ball of fluff
As a little pup

From a cute little ball of fur to a energetic little fellow.

I also fullfilled my Army enlistment of four years...

                                  Time for a new chapter...

Perhaps a little bundle of joy... 
I'm so excited.